Custom built swimming pools and spas

Specialists in custom built concrete swimming pools and spas, no design or site too difficult

Total transparency at every stage of the construction

Ensuring construction is complete within the specified timeframe

We are dedicated to make your dream pool become a reality

We guarantee excellence in product and service, offering our clients the latest in pool trends and technology.

Providing quality service and affordable prices every time.

There are not many things as calming or care-free as jumping into a swimming pool or dipping into a soothing hot spa. At South Coast Concrete Pools & Spas we love the pool as much as you do and see ourselves as big kids. We want you to enjoy the benefits of a pool year-round.
Catering to clients throughout NSW, we can offer tailored solutions to keep your pool clean and safe. We also have specialists in swimming pool design who can help you plan and install a brand new swimming pool at your home. No location or idea is too big for us. We will take all of your ideas on-board and provide the practical result you're looking for. Call us today for a free estimate!

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